Lemony Bright – Lemon-Lime Toothpaste


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Lemon-Lime - citrus delight filled with an abundance of different flavors that tackle teeth stains and promote whiter brighter teeth.

Coconut oil and Bicarbonate Soda based toothpaste packed with necessary minerals and essential oils. All of our toothpaste are created to battle the most common ailments and issues surrounding your oral health. Jassy’s Tasty Pasty toothpaste is your go to toothpaste with 10 in 1 properties.

  • Whiter Teeth
  • Stain Removal
  • Fresher Breath
  • Anti-Cavity
  • Anti-Plaque
  • Anti-Gingivitis
  • Toothache and Sensitivity Elimination
  • Infection Reduction
  • Strengthens Gums
  • Hardens Enamel